Sneak Peek for E&S

I had the pleasure of photographing this family this afternoon at their farm- the rain stayed at bay, although it was a dark and dreary day- but the two kids were just ADORABLE and so much fun!

Matt & Ginny

Today I had the honor of being the 2nd shooter for my friend Peggy who's a wedding photographer. I've never taken photos at a wedding before, and was excited to try something new. It was SO much fun! Matt & Ginny were very relaxed, laid back people, and their wedding reflected just that. It was outdoors at a park on a lake, with their friends and family. After the ceremony guests played lawn games and table games, danced and relaxed and fun. I had a blast as the 2nd shooter, mostly taking photos of all the incidental stuff. So- here are a few of my photos from the day. 2 of the lovely couple of course...them during their 1st dance, I love this one...the flowers were created at the rehearsal dinner and on them is written either memories from Ginny and Matt about each other, or wishes, tips and hopes from their family and friends to them. They were used as the table centerpieces. SO sweet. They specially grew the grass in those jars a few weeks before. The rocks...were their guest books. Instead of a book, guests signed a rock, which went around a planted tree that they will keep in their home. Cool huh?

Brother & Sister

Are they not just GORGEOUS?!! These are 2/3 of my lovely g/f's kids- 6months and 4yrs old. She needed new pics for her wall and of course I was happy oblige :) I don't get baby fever much but that little man is just sooooooo scrumptious and what a sweetie and so lucky to have 2 adoring older sisters :)

The *B* Family

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family today- could those boys be CUTER?! Their boys are 2.5y and 1y and were so sweet! That little guy NEVER STOPPED moving- I think I spent most of the time running backwards :) lol He was obsessed with the water fountains and I'm amazed he never ended up swimming in them- mom and dad were fast! :) S+B thanks for braving the 90* humid heat- E+A were so fun to chase around :)

One more...

One more from the ever photogenic S :)

3 Chicago Peas

Oh how much fun this trio is! They are only 6 days younger than my own 3 Peas and just as spunky :)


I had the pleasure of taking photos of our friends' adorable newborn son- he is a blessing that's been a long time coming :)